Charitable Support


In addition to our normal ‘paddling life’ we believe it’s important for the club to help and support the local community and charities.

Mental Health Charity Event

On August 17th, 2023, we came together during our regular Thursday club meeting to create a memorable event that supported the mental health charity, Mind. This event was not only an opportunity to enjoy a day filled with positivity and companionship but also to raise awareness for the vital cause of mental health and well-being. Participants, including members, families and friends had the chance to engage in various activities. For those who preferred a leisurely option, a guided stroll through the picturesque meadows was on offer, led by two of our outstanding members.The highlight of the event was the mouthwatering cake stall with delicious treats that tempted every palate, the best part was that all proceeds from this indulgence were directed towards supporting Mind, the mental health charity.This event not only showcased our club’s dedication to providing a friendly and nurturing environment but also highlighted the importance of mental health conversations. It was a day where connections were strengthened, awareness was raised, and meaningful contributions were made to our community’s well-being.

Hospice of the Good Shepherd (Backford, Chester)

Up to 2016 we were privileged to help their annual November ‘Light up a Life’ ceremony with the laying of remembrance lilies onto the River Dee.

The lilies, mounted on paper plates, enabled friends and relations to write their thoughts and prayers for those who had sadly passed away. We then added a small electronic candle to each one (several hundred in all) prior to placing on the water below the suspension bridge.  We remained to ensure they stayed well distributed, floating downstream past the bandstand and remembrance ceremony towards the weir where they were collected by other volunteers.

Although In 2017 this event was relocated to the Hospice itself we still support this local charity with small financial donations.

The Dee Mile Swim

For many years we have provided safety cover for one of the country’s oldest river swimming events, the Dee Mile Swim with the organisers, Chester Triathlon Club, very appreciative of the help and support we give to the swimmers.

Dee Mile history

Kayaks and canoes are used as a big flotation device for swimmers to hang onto (or a kayaker hangs onto them if they’re too cold to hold on) until a rescue boat can come to get them. We also accompany the slower swimmers at the rear of the group giving them every encouragement to succeed.

Unfortunately this was cancelled in 2020 due to Covid-19 but we look forward to the time when life returns to normal and this annual race resumes.

Royal National Life Boat Institute

We often organise club activities such as Fish and Chip suppers to raise much needed funds for the RNLI and do our best to help support this very important organisation.