Information and risk assessments

As from Monday 19 July, National Covid rules are being relaxed but we are aware that the disease is still prevalent locally and not all members will be fully vaccinated.

As such, Deva’s officers wish to maintain a degree of caution until further notice.
Please acquaint yourselves with our proposals below and help us ensure that the club remains a Covid free space. 
If you have Covid or have been contacted to say you have been close to an infected person, even if you have been fully vaccinated, then we ask that you do not attend.
Changing rooms and toilets are now open but we ask that these are used only if necessary.

Please arrive dressed ready if you can but if changing in the car park, please be discreet to avoid upsetting the locals.
Please wear clothing for paddling that is appropriate for the season and weather conditions that you are likely to experience.
Access to the club bay will continue to be restricted to only those using club kit.

When congregating in front of the centre building to socialise, please respect everyone’s ‘space’ and maintain an appropriate distance.

We are still uneasy about providing refreshments so, for the time being, please continue to bring your own.

Remember you MUST sign and pay before paddling, including those paddling down from Sandy Lane, otherwise you won’t be covered by the club’s liability insurance.

At the end, get off when the jetty is clear and go straight back to the car park, change and please leave the site.

If you are concerned about the procedures in any way please raise it with any of the club officers.

We are also looking at ways to reintroduce club trips but are aware there are some concerns over shuttles involved in many trips

  • 01/04/2021 – First Thursday club session
  • 11/04/2021 – First Sunday club session (fortnightly thereafter)

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