News Letter January 12th 2021

News Letter January 12th 2021

Happy New Year to all!

So, here we are again in lock-down with club meetings and trips suspended. You probably are aware of what you can and cannot do. However here is a reminder of how to stay safe and to help protect others. Deva members are asked to abide by the following information which is taken from the British Canoeing web site;

Paddling for exercise is permitted within the government measures, so long as you are: 

  • By yourself
  • with the people you live with 
  • with your support bubble (if you’re legally permitted to form one) 
  • in a childcare bubble where providing childcare 
  • when on your own, with one person from another household while following social distancing.

Staying Safe

At this time of national lockdown British Canoeing encourages all of our members to paddle responsibly and follow the government guidelines at all times, when paddling for exercise.

Our priority remains to protect the health of our members and the paddlesport community, to help to suppress the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

We fully advocate staying safe on the water particularly during the winter months.

Individual paddlers should restrict their paddlesport activities to environments which are well within their capabilities, alert friends and family to their activity and predicted return times, and ensure they have a means to call for help with them at all times.Paddlers should be fully prepared for winter conditions. A guide to staying safe during winter paddling is available on the British Canoeing Go Paddling website.

The advice from British Canoeing about covid restrictions applies to England. Members who live in Wales are of course under different regulations as specified by the Welsh Assembly. Regulations about exercise outdoors for Welsh members can be found here.

Club Committee and Annual General Meeting

Due to the pandemic restrictions we have taken the decision not to hold face-to-face meetings. Officers’ and committee meetings will be held by Zoom if and when they are needed. We have decided to postpone the AGM which is usually in early April (yes, I know it’s a highlight of your year). However, our club secretary, Keith, is burning the midnight oil compiling the annual report which will email out for your consideration, we will then invite comments and questions to officers based on the report.

In Other News… (Yes, there is some)….

The club officers have met by Zoom to look at future plans. Peter and Keith are working with the aim of securing our long term occupancy of the Riverside Centre. This will be important if refurbishments and improvements to the building are made in the future. 

Future Meetings and Trips

Through Facebook we asked ‘Post-lockdown, what trips would you like to see?’ Thanks to all those who have responded we have lots of ideas from touring on canals, to estuary and coastal trips as well as whitewater days for beginners, intermediate and experienced paddlers. Anyone not on Facebook can email the club to make trip suggestions. Alan Reay (our safety officer) is always interested in hearing from members willing to lead and organise trips.

Despite the limited meeting schedule in recent months, our membership has grown. We are aware that without pool sessions new members in particular have not had access to capsize and rescue practice. We aim to put in a safety session as soon as we can meet again and when river and weather conditions are suitable.

Your Tips, Trips and Links

We know that though limited, some members have still been able to get out and exercise. To keep up with what people are doing, you could join our Facebook group. It’s a closed group, so no junk ads, just content related to paddlesports.

This link should take you to the Deva Kayakers and Friends page. You will have to request to join. Once accepted you can see what members are up to.

If you are already a member of the group, please keep us up to date with photos or notes of your paddling. Post onto the page any paddle related links, photos, tips, kit and book reviews, and let us know how you are keeping fit at home. (Anyone slalom down a staircase?  Roll a kayak in the lounge without breaking any ornaments? Practice polling on a skateboard?).

Looking Forward

As you can see, as a club we have lots to look forward to, even if we are restricted for now. If anyone is stuck at home alone or isolated and needs practical help or just a chat, feel free to get in touch via the club email. The email link can also be found on our recently re-designed web site. Any feedback or suggestions about the web site would also be appreciated.

On behalf of all the officers of the club,

Stay safe, look to the future and be positive, best wishes. John L